Tip 12. Use your word processor’s shortcuts

You can write documents more quickly if you use Microsoft Word’s inbuilt shortcuts.

For example, in Word for Windows, to highlight an entire word, put your cursor on the word and double-click. This provides a much quicker way to highlight a word than dragging and holding your mouse over the word.

Likewise, to highlight an entire paragraph, place your cursor on the paragraph and click 3 times quickly.

You can move a paragraph quickly in Windows by highlighting the paragraph and then holding the SHIFT and ALT keys with the up or down arrow. In Macintosh, the keyboard combination is SHIFT and CONTROL keys with the up or down arrow.

You can highlight a sentence in Windows by holding down the CTRL key and clicking the sentence. Highlight a sentence in Macintosh by holding down the CMD key and clicking on the sentence.

Try it now:

  • Follow the instructions provided in Tips Worksheet 1 to complete the Worksheet’s first 4 exercises

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