Tip 16. Turn off “Adaptive” menus

Sometimes, Word, and other Office programs, cuts off menu items in order to conceal less frequently used commands. Rather than displaying all the available menu items, you see only a small selection. Office gives you the option of manually expanding the menu by clicking an arrow at the bottom of the list of menu items or waiting for the menu to expand after a delay. But you can save more time by telling Word, or your other Office program, to always display full menus.

For example, in Office 2003 or XP for Windows, open Word and choose the “Tools” menu. Then click “Customize” and select the “Options” tab. If you have not already done so, then click the box that says “Always show full menus”.

If you are using Word for Macintosh, go to the “Tools” menu and select “Customize” and “Customize Toolbars/Menus” in the fly-out window. Select the “Toolbars” menu, then click or unclick your menu and toolbar choices.

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