Tip 23. Upload rather than e-mail large documents

Attaching large documents to e-mails can cause problems for both the sender and the receiver.

For example, with some e-mail programs, the receiver has to wait for the file to download before even opening the e-mail. And sometimes you can’t e-mail attachments above a certain number of megabytes.

Your other options for sending large files include using comparatively complicated FTP transfers or the time-consuming option of posting or couriering a portable disk.

To save you this time and hassle, try using a digital delivery service such as YouSendIt.

YouSendIt lets you send, receive, and track large files. You simply enter the recipient’s email address, attach the file, and send it. The recipient receives an email with a link that lets them download the file.

For more information, go to www.yousendit.com.

You can reduce your time uploading and downloading PDF files even further by using good PDF Compression Software. For example, try the PdfCompressor by CVISION Technologies. Their website is www.cvisiontech.com.

Other compression programs are WinZip for Windows and StuffIt for Macintosh. StuffIt can also handle zip files.

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