Tip 21. Create rules

You can organize your e-mails into folders even more quickly and efficiently by creating “Rules” that automatically place your e-mails into the right folders.

For example, say you had a big case involving a client named John Taylor who e-mails you from the e-mail address “JohnatTaylorCo.com”. You can set-up a folder called “Taylor Case” and then create a rule that tells your e-mail program to put every e-mail from JohnatTaylorCo.com into the Taylor Case folder.

You can create rules based on not only the sender’s email address, but also keywords, e-mail accounts, and many other properties.

To create a rule in Outlook or Entourage, go to the “Tools” menu and find the Rules Wizard. The Rules Wizard will guide you through the process of creating rules, quickly and easily.

Most other e-mail programs have equivalent tools. Consult your email program’s Help section for details.

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