Tip 6. Use Google’s special features

Use Google’s special features to refine your Internet searches.

For example, you can tell Google to retrieve search results that appear only on government sites.

To do this, enter your search terms into the Google query bar and type “site” — followed by “:”, “.”, “gov” (like this, “example:.gov”).

For example, go to Google and type “patent law site:.gov” into the query bar and press “Search”. All your results will now come from “.gov” sites.

Refine the results even more by specifying the country-level domain.

For example, to retrieve search results that appear only on Australian government sites, enter your search terms and type “site” followed by “:”, “.”, “gov”, “.”, “au”.

For example, type “patent law site:.gov.au” and press “Search”. All the results will now come from sites with the “.gov.au” extension.

Use the same idea to search a single site.

For example, to search the FindLaw website, type your search term in Google followed by “:”, “.”, “www”, “.”, “Findlaw”, “.”, “com”.

Try it now:

  • Go to the Google home page.
  • Enter the search phrase “Patent law site:.www.findlaw.com”.
  • Press “Search”.

Your results will show all the pages from FindLaw that Google has indexed that contain the phrase “patent law”.

Among other special features, you can set Google to search for results written in English only and you can limit your Internet search to up-to-date information by using Google’s date range feature, all of which you can find in “Advanced Search”.

Go to Google Web Search Features from the Google Home Page for a full list of Google’s special features.

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