Tip 11. “Save” rather than “Open” downloaded files

When people download a file from the Internet — for example, a large PDF file, or an audio file  — they sometimes click on the download link, which then opens a dialog box that asks you whether you want to “Save” the file or “Open” the file. Generally, you should choose “Save” because a file usually downloads more quickly by saving it rather than opening it and saving the file later.

Better still, you can tell your browser to bypass the dialog box and save your file more directly.

For example, to download a file directly in Internet Explorer, place your cursor over the file name and right-click it. Choose “Save Target As …” and choose where you want to save your file.

In Firefox, you can do the same thing by right-clicking the file and choosing “Save Link As …”

The procedure is the same whether you are using the browsers on Windows or Macintosh operating systems.

If you are using Safari, which is available only on Macintosh, right-click on the filename and then choose “Save Link As … ”.

See how much quicker you can download files through this method.

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