(e) The Inter-NOT


The 'Inter-NOT' refers to 'non-electronic forms of information'.178 It has 2 main parts. The first part includes 'your network of contacts, colleagues, experts and other human resources'.179 For lawyers, the Inter-NOT includes information obtained by calling an expert, talking to a lawyer–friend, or phoning the government department that administers the area of law. But remember not to rely too heavily on these secondhand resources. An 'expert's' interpretation does not equal the law. Think for yourself, base your ideas on authoritative legal materials, and verify and update your sources.

The second part of the Inter-NOT includes 'traditional information resources' not retrievable in electronic form.180 For lawyers, the Inter-NOT includes paper journals, textbooks, legislation, law reports, unreported judgments, and legal encyclopedias.181

For example, the paper versions of Halsbury's Laws of Australia, the Australian Case Citator, and Wicks Subject Index to Commonwealth Legislation, all exist in the Australian lawyer's 'Inter-NOT'. A lot of information that lawyers need still resides in the 'Inter-NOT'. And the 'Inter-NOT' sometimes provides a more user-friendly format than electronic sources.

Brainstorm the non-electronic forms of information that might help you to answer your legal questions. For a more thorough list, and instructions on how to use paper resources according to your specific research task (for example, searching for legislation on a subject, 'noting-up' cases, finding the judicial meaning of a word or phrase, etc), see the list of 'recommended reading'.

brainstorm BRAINSTORM

Brainstorm non-electronic sources, such as …

  • annotations
  • books
  • case notes
  • citators
  • colleagues
  • digests
  • government departments
  • hardcopy law reports
  • indexes
  • journals
  • legal encyclopedias
  • loose-leaf services
  • practice manuals
  • printed legislation
  • theses

Table 54: Brainstorm your 'Inter-NOT'


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181 The Inter-NOT also includes non-legal factual material contained in historical newspapers, magazines, trade journals, archival records, and government records. For example, a lawyer might want a departmental handbook or memorandum to understand how a department applied a particular law. See Step 1 for more sources of non-legal information.

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