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US Internet sources

Free resources

  • Legal Information Institute—Cornell University ( (federal and state Constitutions, codes, and opinions)
  • (articles, forms, laws, statutes, practice resources)
  • (megasite with articles, directories, links to practice resources)
  • (articles, practice resources, directories, forms)
  • Library of Congress
    • THOMAS ( (current and recent legislative activity)
    • Global Legal Information Network ( (international laws, regulations and judicial decisions)
  • GPO Access ( (US Code, Congressional publications, federal regulations; shutdown in 2012; see
  • (legal and technology resources—articles, court rules, forms, and dockets, legal resource and research guides, e-discovery information, website and blog links)
  • (legal news and technology)
  • LexisOne ( (free access to US Supreme Court and limited federal/state court decisions, and pay-as-you-go use of main Lexis services)
  • (comprehensive resources for solo practitioners and small firms)

Fee-based resources

  • Lexis (
    • Comprehensive primary and secondary legal resources, business, and news
    • Shepard's citation services
    • Congressional Universe—Senate/House hearings, reports, legislative histories
  • Westlaw (
    • Comprehensive primary and secondary legal resources, business, and news
    • Keycite citation services
    • Expert testimony resources
  • Loislaw ( (gateway to primary law, public records, and treatises)
  • Hein Online (
    • Law journal articles
    • Legislative histories
    • US Statutes at Large
    • Federal Registers (regulations)
    • US Attorney General Opinions
    • US Supreme Court Reports
    • US Treaties and Agreements
    • Foreign and International
    • Law Resources Library
  • Pacer ( (US District, Bankruptcy, and Appellate court records)
  • Congressional Quarterly Press ( (US Supreme Court decisions, history, and analysis)
  • Current Index to Legal Periodicals ( (topical index to law school and professional journals)
  • LegalTrac (topical index for law school and professional journal articles)
  • Bureau of National Affairs ( (news, legal analysis, and practice guidance on many subjects)
  • CCH ( (business and finance law information and analysis)
  • ABA/BNA Lawyer's Manual on Professional Conduct ( (ethics rules, opinions, and guides)

Table 52: US Inter-net sources

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