Recommended reading



  • 1. Terry Hutchinson, Researching and Writing in Law (2nd ed, 2006) 229–344 (provides a checklist of research tools, coverage notes, and tips on using the research tools according to your research task, such as finding cases on a subject, finding legislation on a subject, finding explanatory memoranda, etc)
  • 2. Catriona Cook et al, Laying Down the Law (6th ed, 2005) 302–319 (searching secondary sources), 320–341 (searching for case law), and 342–380 (searching for legislation)


  • 1. UK Centre for Legal Education, Teaching Legal Research (2nd ed, 2006), Table 3: Checklist of Materials ( (pdf, 65kb)
  • 2. Terry Hutchinson, Researching and Writing in Law (2nd ed, 2006) 345–363 (England); 413–434 (European Union)
  • 3. Marian Robertson et al, Legal Research Skills (2nd revised ed, 2007) (Scots law)
  • 4. Guy Holburn and George Engle, Butterworths Legal Research Guide (2nd revised ed, 2001) (includes quick reference guide on textbooks, cases, legislation, and searching for other sources; chapter on law outside England and Wales; list and index of websites and web-based services)
  • 5. PA Thomas and John Knowles, Effective Legal Research (5th revised ed, 2006) (detailed coverage of online sources of UK official publications; web shots from key online sources including WestlawUK, LexisNexis Professional, BAILII, Europa, and TSO; includes Appendix on online sources of Scots and Northern Ireland Law)
  • 6. Peter Clinch, Using a Law Library: A Student's Guide to Legal Research(2nd revised ed, 2001) (England, Wales, European Community, Scotland, European human rights law)


Table 53: Recommended books on using Internet sources

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