(d) The Inter-net


The Inter-net comprises 'a pipeline [that] provides access to both free and fee-based resources'.177 For lawyers, the Inter-net includes commercial legal databases such as LEXIS and Westlaw and free online databases such as AustLII and BAILII. The Inter-net also includes law-related message boards, mailing lists, and online discussion groups. Brainstorm the sources the 'Inter-net' may hold that will help you to answer your legal questions.

The following table provides a selection of online resources. For a more thorough list, and for instructions on how to use the online resources according to your specific research task (for example, searching for legislation on a subject, 'noting-up' cases, finding the judicial meaning of a word or phrase, etc), see the list of 'recommended reading'.


177 Dennis Gaulin, 8 As of Information (www.freepint.com/issues/230103.htm#feature) (accessed 2 June 2007).

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