(c) The Extra-net


The Extra-net refers to 'electronic linkages between your organization and suppliers and customers'.176 For example, when researching legal problems for, say, a lawyer in New Zealand, my legal research company, Research One Pty Ltd, would sometimes ask the New Zealand lawyer to email cases and legislation that Research One could not find easily in Australia. In another example, Research One would sometimes ask its allies in the UK to fax or email recent English cases that Research One could not access electronically. Brainstorm useful materials you can get from your clients and strategic allies.

brainstorm BRAINSTORM

Brainstorm electronic information you can get from …

  • clients
  • suppliers
  • strategic allies

Table 49: Brainstorm your 'Extra-net'


176 Dennis Gaulin, 8 As of Information (www.freepint.com/issues/230103.htm#feature) (accessed 2 June 2007).

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