Step 5.1 Brainstorm the '5 Spheres of Information'

For your first task in researching your problem, remind yourself of all the different types of information repositories relevant to lawyers. Canadian information professional, the late Dennis Gaulin, believed that to conduct comprehensive research, you must know the sources in all '5 spheres of information': the 'Inner-net', 'Intra-net', 'Extra-net', 'Inter-net', and 'Inter-NOT'.172

Gaulin developed his model to find alternative sources of credit and business information, but the model can apply to legal information too. When working on your legal problem, brainstorm the legal sources (primary sources, secondary sources, and finding aids) that you might find in each of the following spheres of information.


172 Dennis Gaulin, 8 As of Information ( (accessed 2 June 2007).

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