Step 5.3 Assess sources

Once you have the source in front of you, browse the case, book, statute, article, or other source to assess its quality and usefulness. Write a 1-line sentence on whether and how you think the source provides relevant or useful information. For example, you might use any of the following descriptions.

check CHECK

Check whether the source is …

  • a good lead to other sources
  • a persuasive analogy
  • a useful background source
  • biased
  • binding
  • corroborating another source
  • current
  • directly relevant to the jurisdiction
  • good for a comparative approach
  • irrelevant
  • objective
  • out-of-date
  • reliable
  • scholarly
  • sufficiently detailed
  • too 'popular'
  • too simple

Table 57: Assess your sources

'Note-up' your sources as you go, so you can properly assess the value of the source. Record this information now, to save you time later.

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