Step 5.4 Acquire sources

(a) Think creatively

If you decide a source provides useful information, get a copy of it so you can read the source thoroughly later. Remember that 'Successful acquisition of required information does not always flow from access alone'.185 For example, a library might not let you take the book from the library. Or you might have access to a legal information database at a public library but you still need a copy of the case you have found. Think creatively about how you can best legally acquire a source. For example, consider the following methods.

brainstorm BRAINSTORM

See if you can get the source through …

  • books for purchase online (for example, through
  • independent information professionals ( who can find and email you materials
  • inter-library loans
  • note-taking
  • photocopying
  • research and document-supply services at law societies and bar associations of which you are a member (for example, the Law Institute of Victoria (, NSW Law Society (
  • research and document-supply services at some universities
  • services like 'Copies Direct' (, which email you copies of articles and book chapters
  • software (for example, pdf conversion software like Adobe Acrobat Pro)

Table 58: Brainstorm ways to acquire your sources

185 Dennis Gaulin, 8 As of Information ( (accessed 2 June 2007).

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