(i) Criminal law


Offenses against the person (English examples)

  • Homicide
    • Murder
    • Manslaughter
    • Infanticide
  • Offenses relating to homicide
    • Causing or allowing death of a child or mentally vulnerable adult
    • Child destruction, abortion and concealment of birth
    • Complicity in suicide
    • Offenses ancillary to murder
  • Non-fatal offenses against the person
    • Administrating drugs of poison
    • Assault
    • Consent
    • Corporal punishment
    • Cruelty to children
    • Endangering railway passengers
    • False imprisonment, kidnapping and child abduction
    • Female genital mutilation
    • Harassment
    • Injury by explosion, corrosives, mantraps etc
    • Offenses against employers
    • Racially or religiously aggravated non-fatal offenses
    • Torture
    • Unlawful wounding or infliction of grievous bodily harm
    • Wounding or causing grievous bodily harm with intent

Table 25: Offenses against the person (examples)

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