(d) Subjects

By 'subjects', we mean the subject matters the problem or dispute concerns. When in Step 1 you asked 'What happened?' and 'What harm or injuries happened?', you probably identified the subjects. In the previous examples, the subjects include the 'power surge' the magpie caused, the 'car accident' the Renault and moped caused, and the 'infestation' the cockroaches caused.

brainstorm BRAINSTORM


  • a collision
  • a dust disease
  • a fire
  • an insurance claim
  • a joint venture agreement
  • a sacking
  • a slander

Table 20: Subjects (examples)

As with listing 'objects', listing 'subjects' will supply a list of keywords you can use to search indexes (Step 4), which will lead you to more information about the relevant legal concepts. The 'subject' might also help you to identify the:

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