(ii) Relationships

List the parties' relationships.

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  • brother and sister
  • business and consumer
  • buyer and seller
  • company and director
  • doctor and patient
  • employer and employee
  • federal government and state government
  • franchisor and franchisee
  • husband and wife
  • landlord and tenant
  • licensor and licensee
  • neighbors
  • parent and child
  • solicitor and client
  • teacher and student

Table 14: Parties—relationships (examples)

Facts about the parties' relationships sometimes raise issues about:

  • duties of care (for example, a doctor's duties to a patient)
  • fiduciary duties (such as a director's duties to a company)
  • federal–state powers (for example, whether the central government can override state law)
  • parental rights (such as a parent's rights to make decisions for the child)
  • vicarious liability (such as an employer's liability for the employee's conduct)

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