BusinessACTWin More Cases formed part of a much larger project called the Web-based Integrated Legal Research System (WILRS). Research One co-funded WILRS with the ACT government.14 The Yellow Pages Business Ideas Grant15 also contributed funding. Serenson Pty Ltd16 manages WILRS, including the plain legal language software called WordStyler.17

Research One's co-manager, Fabian Serena, had the idea to commercialize WILRS. He also helped with the technical parts of the project. MA@D Communication18 helped with the first version of WILRS. LNB Computing,19 and before them OPC,20 programmed the official version of WordStyler. Rob Morris from Digitalmash21 designed an earlier version of the Toolkit and designed the accompanying optional worksheets. Patrick Marris22 did most of the illustrations for the Toolkit. FireStarter23 built the original site that hosted the Toolkit and designed a second version of the Toolkit in hard copy and as a PDF. Invokers.net24 built the current version (version 1.2) of

Esther Oswald, Daniel Pascoe, Hal Tilemann, and Andrew Thomas provided research assistance on the Toolkit's Australian content. Sarah Green researched English material; Julie Masal researched American material. Trischa Baker suggested useful sources. Graeme Blank and Hugh Selby helped steer the Toolkit in the right direction. I also thank Christopher Enright, Simon Lewis, Fabian Horton, and the Australian and American lawyers who reviewed earlier drafts of the Toolkit. I especially thank Justice Michael Kirby for writing the foreword.

Troy Simpson
1 March 2008
(updated 23 November 2011)


15 Formerly at

16 See now

17 A free online version of WordStyler is available at www.english-language-skills (see Free Editor).

18 Now part of ZOO,





23 Which was then taken over by Business Catalyst.


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