Win More Cases: The Lawyer's Toolkit

Free Legal Research And Writing Guide

Win More Cases: The Lawyer's Toolkit (online version 1.2.1) is a free online guide to legal research, analysis, writing, and persuasion, written by Troy Simpson LLB(Hons), with a foreword by former High Court Justice Michael Kirby AC CMG.

The Toolkit comprises 10 easy-to-follow steps divided into 3 main parts:

The Toolkit also comes with 10 optional worksheets, which you can preview as a PDF (pdf 220kb) or download as editable Word documents in this .zip file (120kb).

Author's Note (22 January 2016)

Since publishing the Toolkit, the positive feedback from new lawyers has surprised and delighted me. Some 8 years since its publication, young lawyers still send me messages about the Toolkit — sometimes asking for an updated version.

I realise many of the links contained or mentioned in the Toolkit are now out of date. For example, the software developed to accompany the Toolkit, called WordStyler, no longer exists (except on a few old computers) because the technology needed to support the software has changed faster than my ability to keep up. Nevertheless, I hope the methodology underlying the Toolkit still applies.

A lot has changed also for me in the past 8 years since the Toolkit's publication. For one thing, I decided to leave my career in the law behind, for personal reasons. My books these days are about less heady matters than the law — my books are mostly about accidentally humorous misuses of English, as a way to lighten (and brighten) one's day (see, for example, The Funny Dictionary).

Last year, I even took down the website that hosts the Toolkit because I could not give the attention to the website I thought the website needed (and because it kept getting hacked). But several of you have asked me to put the website back, however outdated the links and whatever flaws have crept into its content during the past 8 years or so. Here then is the Toolkit, pretty much as it appeared when my company published it in 2008.

Troy Simpson

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